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Hardware may vary

Large Church

Large birdhouse has rusty steel roof with vintage knob.

Email us for colours


LargeThree section 

This large three section home has wood lath roof and perches.

Email us for colour


Spout House

This house features antique syrup spiles and rustic barn steel or choose small glass drawer knobs.

Email us for colour  


Vine House with porch

This house features a railing and chimney with vine for decoration with cut out star. 

Email us for colour


Family and Friends Welcome 

This 5'x6" sign is a great entry feature for any home

Email us for colour saying 


Custom engraved signs

Signs vary in size saying and colour of your chose

Email us for colour, size saying and pricing 

Googly Eyed Owl

This guy adds some fun to your yard

Email us for orders


Painted Whale 

This whale is great for a bathroom or even a pool or deck area

Email us for colour


Large Googly Owl 

This large owl is one of a kind for sure!! He stand 36 inches tall. 

Email us for orders


Custom signs 

Custom signs in any shape or size

Email us for orders

starting at $25.00 and up

Stump House

 The wood star house is on a stump with engraved sign

Email us for colour


Medium Church House

 This house is our medium house with antique knob.

Email us for colour


Mini House

This is our mini house the smallest house we make.  Cute for any garden and great for that pop of colour on your mantel.

Email us your order.


Tiny House

This is our Tiny House which features syrup spiles, antique wheels or other unique antique peaces.

 email us for your order


Butterfly House

Perfect beside those bushes with flowers to attract butterflies.  

 email us for your order


Rusty Roof

Like to hang your bird house then this is the house for you.

 email us for your order


Lighted Angel

This angel is perfect indoors or out on your porch. 

 email us for your order


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