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Birdhouse Hole Sizes

Bird Species

Hole Size

  1. Bluebird
  2. Chickadee
  3. Flicker
  4. House Finch
  5. House Sparrow
  6. Purple Martin
  7. Tree Swallow
  8. Warbler
  9. Woodpecker
  10. Wren

  1. 1.5" (3.8cm)
  2. 1.25"(3.2cm)
  3. 2.5"(2.5cm)
  4. 2"(5.1cm)
  5. 3"(7.6cm)
  6. 2.5"(6.35cm)
  7. 1.5"(3.8cm)
  8. 1.25"(3.2cm)
  9. 1.25"(3.2cm)
  10. 1.25"(3.2cm)

What Attracts Butterflies to a House

Bright colors 

Sunny locations

Place away from prevailing winds

Plant flowers or bushes that attract them

Mount at 4 feet off the ground

Place tree bark inside the house in a vertical position to allow them attach to

Provide a water source near the house